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College Colours:
green and white giftwrap

This giftwrap was for a college grad, and I pulled the colour scheme from the school's website:

silk flowers, velvet, wire-edged and metallic ribbons, paper; this is actually taken with the sony, not that it looks like it.

The photography is pretty rough: likely I was in a tearing hurry (the giftwrap design isn't spectacular either, and it's not helped by the dreadful styling)[1] —in fact the focus for the view shot from the other end was so bad the image was unusable.


I did manage one of those fancy folds that allows for a card insert:) Honestly, I'm including this more for the contents (which were decently photographed, and which I'll show next:) and the happy memories of hanging out with the grad and family after the ceremony (which I skipped because they wouldn't let me inside with even a purse[2] —let alone my camera bag!!!) —So I had a lovely time doodling or doing Japanese or the like outside, which honestly was probably a nicer time, just way less socially acceptable than cheering on the relative.

[1]I mean, the velvet ribbon is not only asymmetrically hanging off the left edge, it's showing the unattractive back, and that big curl of striped ribbon in the middle of the image was most emphatically not supposed to be the focal!

[2]Yeah, I get that mass murderers are a thing (in the US, anyway), but if ever there was a sexist way of dealing with the problem this is it: almost all women carry a purse and almost all mass shooters are men, and what's more I'm guessing a man carrying a purse is almost a sure thing for putting him outside the toxic masculinity that routinely infects mass shooters.


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