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Pared down decoration
showcases just 5 elements

This is my favourite gift decoration of the 2022 winter holiday season, and one reason I like it is that it isn't really xmas-y at all—but for the black and silver snowflakes it would be appropriate for any season.

brown paper, wide white paper, wire edged musical notation ribbon, silver edged bow, black and silver flocked snowflakes.

Another is that it's unusually pared down to the absolute essence of design—one bow, no curling ribbon or other extraneous bits. I don't manage this sort of simplicity (entirely appropriate to the recipient, btw) very often.

The second version of the image has a softer focus, despite both being shot with the same DOF, f/2.8: 1/640s, WB cloudy, EV 0, ILCE-7C with sony 90mm macro, 20dec22:10:46 Both images were processed with Gimp's unified transform tool, cropped, and scaled.


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