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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Winter white pine paper:
building upon Page's creation

Unfortunately I can't find [T]he original Page-wrapped version of this gift (scroll down) in my photographic files, but featured the wide velvet ribbons and glitter enhanced paper. were undoubtedly part of it.[1]

paper, wire edged ribbon, vintage lace edged ribbon, curling ribbon, bows, snowflake, ornament, hot glue, assembled 23 or 24 dec22 (& photographed on the latter); sony ILCE-7C, sony 90mm macro, f/3.2, ev +0.7, 1/100s, ISO 125, WB: cloudy; lightened & cropped in gimp

I'm guessing the silver and gold bows were also part of the original. Note especially the aqua-green ribbon with gold glitter diamond patterning, in addition to the gold lace edged jacquard patterned gold ribbon.

another view to show the silver glitter snowflake and brown glitter ornament (also from Page if not necessarily this wrapping)—ostensibly the focal point! Technical info as above; photographed approx 9:30am xmas eve, dec 24, 2022.

My contributions were the transparent brown ribbon printed with snowflakes, given to me by someone who purchased it (likely to decorate her bead shop) but ended up not using it, so it was brand new, still in the package. And building on Page's work was more than enough reason to crack it open.

Just as the silver encrusted snowflake—one in a big bag of assorted black, white and silver ones I purchased for the princely sum of 50 cents at the local thrift shop—linked the silver-grey bow, the brown glitter ornament co-ordinated perfectly with the transparent brown snowflake ribbon.

I also added the vintage pale blue ribbon, and likely the curling ribbon in the center of the piece, as Page typically don't clutter her elegant creations with this sort of additional texture.

I was really very happy with this piece:)

[1]Can't find, despite having featured the original just a year ago. Sheesh. Added link & updated text 18feb23.