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Pewter and Old Silver
accent black flocked silver paper

I really love this fancy flocked paper, so reminiscent of over-the-top wallpaper—utterly vulgar in that context, ultra cool in this one:) This paper, as with most (if not all, at this point...) cool papers is from my friend Page, who wrapped this gift from 2018. Much of the decorations, including especially the handsome pewter ribbon, and doubled silver star/black snowflake, made a prior appearance on a red, black and silver gift from 2022.

giftwrap, flocked silver paper, ornaments, mylar curling, wire-edged, elastic silver, transparent mesh ribbons; silver and black plastic stars; black plastic bead strand; black and silver shreds; hot glue and tape; 01jan24, sony ILCE-7C, sony 90mm macro, f/2.8, ev -0.7, 1/100s, ISO 100, WV: daylight; cropped, scaled, lightened in gimp

This was a personal fave, perhaps my second fave after iteration 2 of the autumn leaves, though unfortunately my hurried photography job means there isn't quite the separation between the background and black elements there ought to be.


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