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Paper with printmaking vibes
makes for a chic black and white gift

Today's gift also features some recycled elements, specifically from this effort[1] (scroll down), from which I specifically removed the red apple decoration (& failed to straighten the pipe cleaners very well...)

Having discovered the black shreds in an effort to make an earlier, kinda-boring paper more interesting(scroll down) I now was good to go on black and silver gifts generally; combined with the fact that the box was small and I could use a scrap, I assembled this piece.

gift decoration on box measuring roughly 2 x 3.5 x 7.5"; paper, silver pipe cleaners; vintage miniature ornaments (approx 12mm/0.5"); black and silver shreds; black plastic snowflake ornament (cut); mylar curling ribbon, pewter and silver-color plastic beads, tape & hot glue; photographed 01jan24, sony ILCE-7C, sony 90mm macro, f/2.8, ev -0.3, 1/100s, ISO 320, WB: daylight; cropped and slightly lightened, scaled in gimp

Given the recipient's experiments with printmaking, not only the colour scheme but the design of the paper was appropriate.

[1]that gift was to the same person, who likes the black and red colourway;)


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