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Autumn Color Themed Gift
Or, Thank You Ellen

Once in a great while I actually purchase wrapping paper, but more often than not I scavenge it from gifts, especially during the christmas season. My sister-in-law always brings attractively wrapped gifts, with pretty paper, invariably decorated with a big, globular mound of tightly curled quarter inch curling ribbon, or a narrow fabric ribbon. It was her efforts that first inspired me to do something more elaborate than cover the box with paper and slap a bow on top.

She still provides me with plenty of inspiration, as with this beautiful, gold touched paper featuring chrysanthemums. The fan folded paper is an easy, if time consuming way to give the decorations height and a focal point. Clipping a triangle off the folds was my friend Page's idea, but one I readily adapted. Though I'm not particularly gifted at coming up with original ideas, I can swipe, mix and match with the best of them.

This gift features a large magenta bow with a narrow double stripe of metallic gold, further accented with metallic golden bronze and magneta curling ribbon, ripped yellow ribbon, and a 3/8 inch (1cm) wide purple fabric ribbon.

Originally created: Sat Sep 12 22:38:17 EDT 1998


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