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Stocking Giftwrap,
Another Quick and Easy...

I have this theory: the meaner the gift, the fancier the wrapping—and vice versa. I was happy with the way this stocking came out, and I certainly put the time into it—so I didn't feel especially obligated to work hard on the wrap job.

Okay, so the wrapping is really too elegant and certainly doesn't match the color scheme of the contents. But this gift box was certainly the right size, was preprinted with plaid design (no wrapping!), that already had some decorations glued to it. As it happens, I have more red/green/gold wrappings than anything else, which makes it awkward, sometimes for non-Christmas gifts—so I'm always looking for an excuse to use these up. I glued another bow or two, lined the bottom part of the box with tissue paper (I have lots of tissue paper, lovingly saved) and slipped the stocking in, put the cover on and slipped the metallic red cord over all to hold the thing shut.


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