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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Brown paper bag...
matte green, red and white giftwrap

The wrapping paper on this has something of a vintage feel, because the paper isn't shiny; and the designs also partake of a retro sensibility. But there are modern touches too, like the jagged and mixed fonts used in the words.

paper, wood, raffia, ribbon. The old-fashion quality of the paper is enhanced by the point-focus (edge blur) of the lensbaby used to shoot the photo.

I tried to capture the feel with the matte-painted red snowflake and the tan raffia, to contrast the green curling ribbon. Note also the fan to give the decoration height: this is a very old technique, seldom used now because it takes so much time to fan-fold the paper: I came up with it back when I hadn't the extensive collection of ribbons, bows and whatnot that I do now.

All in all, one of my simpler designs, but I think it works reasonably well.