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Red and White stripes
from Land of the Rising Sun

When F2tE brought back gifts from Japan, this one for hir grandmother was wrapped in red and white, to symbolize the gift's country of origin—specifically, the rays (or stripes) radiating out from the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ (such as is used in flags in Japanese navy).

giftwrap, photographed 7aug2011

I'm sorry to say it all totally went over my head, till the kid pointed it out. Oh, yeah, I say, that is a nice touch. Duh!

In this closeup, you can see the rosebuds, which actually are leftover from my oldest sib's wedding. In other words, I've had them awhile.

The paper doesn't quite cover the box—mebbe f2 did the wrapping (which bores me to tears) and let me do the fun bits, the decorating.


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