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Secondary Triad
Floral lentil in orange, purple and sour green

I was commissioned to put this lentil floral on a necklace, which, as you see I did below. The customer liked it so much she suggested my making matching knobs for her dresser, since the bead is basically in her bedroom colors.

First step: make a web page, so I have a good ref.

This is taken with my nokia, just using available light; hence the hot spots.

I used grey-green rather than the greens closer to the leaf cane basically because it was a big bead and that color was filled nearly to the top...so I spent a goodly portion of the day putting all my cool colors into watchmaker's tins, so I could more easily coat large beads of this type. This sort of fooling around is why it can take me awhile to get custom orders done.

Reverse. I adjusted the value levels a little so it would be more obvious what was going on with the bead—in this case, a mix of purple and blue shorts, decorated with silver plum hand-blown shards, grey-green thompson enamels, and floral canes.

The finished necklace. The purple beads are that new Devardi Indian glass—I like this color.

Construction detail. There wasn't money in the budget for a clasp so I had to come up with something else.


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