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Fuschia Abstracts
luscious as raspberries...

This is my bestselling color combination for this style of bead, and it is the bead that started me on surface decorations that purposely let the underlying (transparent) base glass shine through—in this case, that luscious, luscious czech tourmaline pink. It tends to strike nicely by the holes, where the bead stays cooler, than by the equator (which is covered up by frit and powder anyway).

This seems to be a fairly accurate rendition of the color—at least on my monitor.

I'm sure this bead came about because the lovely and talented Page suggested, “Why don't you try making a bead with just a touch of frit and powder, so we can see the transparency of the glass underneath?”; and I'm equally certain I replied, “Well, I dunno if that'll work...okay, okay, I'll give it a whirl...hey! this is a really good idea!” (We two have had any number of interchanges like this over the years...)

Here's an older photograph, with a redder cast: I found this color extremely difficult to photograph, particularly as the 990 seems to move towards a yellow cast for reds.


A closeup of a single bead. These beads typically measure anywhere from 14–25 mm hole to hole. Pricing currently is $12, $14, and $18 each, with most falling into the middle category. The smallest size is rare as I typically try to make these as chiming beads, which need to be a little bigger to contain the chime; perhaps 2/3 of my production does indeed chime (there is no price difference.)


file originally created 08jun05; cleanup of file/link names 29nov05 beads from 2004, mostly. Thompson enamels, palladium leaf, czech and effetre soda-lime glasses including commercial and artist-made frits.


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