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Purple Birdie
purple parrot, sort of...

Real birds, often have heads that just seem to flow right into their bodies, so I continued to work on improving this aspect of my beads. —I actually made this bead before the misshapen one featured yesterday. I like the form of this one better, but wasn't as happy with the color, though to be fair, part that resulted from my not being aware of the reactivity of the glass in the wing. The too-much-cobalt is entirely my fault, however.

Not a terribly informative photo, but my fave.

The upraised head gives the bird a somewhat inquisitive air.

Note how the eyes are “pressed into” the head: you accomplish this by letting the eye dots bead up (cold seals are fine, even preferred) and then gently warming the head. Press, and voila! indented, more realistic looking eyes.

Purple birdie. Thompson enamels, soft glass, built on a hollow bead. 1/16" mandrel, feb 2013.

UPDATE: added link, 21may2020


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