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Orange Sherbet
A yummy color indeed

Vetrofond's odd lot 791943 orange sherbet is yummy: it subtly and easily shifts from a pink to yellowish creamy orange in the flame, yield lovely, subtle variations—just the sort of thing I adore in floral petals.

My friend had some of this mystery color lying around, and I adored it from the moment I saw all the variations in the sample bead. Neither of us knew what it was, until I serendipitously found a similar short, marked with the name and number.

Vetrofond odd lot 791943 “orange sherbet” —two rods, a sample bead, and a floral with some cane using this glass as a core.

Originally, I thought the transparent I used to case was effetre 072 transparent orange. Also, that the mystery glass was some variant of phoenix or similar.

Samples: vetrofond 791943 orange sherbet, cased in CiM clockwork. Actual rods, plus the stringer, shown. Note the color shift in the end of the rod and stringer.

Obviously, I misremembered one and was completely wrong on the other. Fortunately, I took a photo right when I made this test cane, and so was able to recover that I used clockwork as the clear (i.e. transparent, at least that thin). This is when having a good phone camera[1] is really helpful, since I discovered this glass, and made these samples at a friend's house: I didn't have my good camera, or very good light.

So when I got home, and was rummaging around the shorts a (different) lampworking friend gave me, one of which still had its label—and the identical color shift profile on the worked end—I was able to, finally, identify this beautiful mystery glass.

Only to discover the color has long since sold out, so these two little ends are all I have.

C'est la vie. Sometimes you find things only in time to lose them again. The incredibly valuable resource that keeps on giving is the generosity of my various beadmaking friends, who allow me to play in their studios and give me bits and pieces of all these fun limited-run colors that I'm far too cheap cautious to buy myself.

Y'all rock.

(The same cannot be said of my hideous floral. Yeergh.) The alternate subtitle for this post could definitely be “A beautiful color yields a really ugly bead. But this is Friday after all:)

[1]I have the Nokia N8. It has its problems—the proprietary OS and mapping suck—but at the time I purchased it, it had the best camera of any phone, which was my criterion. And it came in lime green.