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Green & White
creativity challenge

While I was hunting around for Don's bead (which proved to be exactly where I thought it was,[1] excepting that my eyes evidently slid over it—multiple times) I went digging through my sample box. Yeesh. What a mess: over a decade of samples, trades, guild challenges, etc. I'm not nearly so tidy as one friend who is already distributing bits and pieces of her life to people in a pre-emptive attempt to avoid its being pitched upon her passing, but I did think it was time to clear some of this junk out.

Open work. this series of images taken 11Mar2016, E620

The point of saving these samples—a 100 bead challenge that got aaaaaall the way up to 31 beads—was to mebbe someday inspire me to do something with the ideas, which I obviously haven't[2] ; and now that my photography has gotten so much better, (not to mention that I couldn't find the old pix until after I'd already taken the new) I figured I'd be more likely to be inspired by images on the website than samples, lying undisturbed in a box in the basement. The openwork beads, above, are the most interesting, if least practical.


Some of the trailed beads are kind of pretty and/or interesting. One aspect is that the transparent green is relatively stiff, whereas opaque white is soft: so it melts in nicely. Most of my ‘graphic’ (i.e. non representational) designs have tended to get melted in & manipulated (i.e. harlequin dots, or gravity swirls); perhaps it's time to play with technique again;)

all the beads. (Excepting my fave.)

I originally documented this stuff in 2005, before I had tagging or search function. Now that I've photographed this stuff again, (and put it into a more modern format, as well as linking to the earlier pages)[3] I felt free to put it in the bead curtain/give it away/incorporate it into other projects. One lot of junk gone, yay. Now I've only got another 15–20 more bead challenges and the like to go...but at least this page is finally live, only 4 years late. About beads that I made only 15 years ago. Ah, well.

[1]In the bottomost right corner of a type drawer, i.e. the first bead I put in there, that's sitting in a recess in the short hallway/entranceway to my studio...

[2]Since, yanno, it's been at least 15 years since I made them...

[3]May as well link to the other, similar challenge while I'm at it...