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Multi-ended 4 strand disk braid
really, really, really ugly...

Almost always, I braid with one end per tama/bobbin. This is because I'm self taught, and didn't know any better: traditional (Japanese) braids are made with something like 40–45 ends of fine silk,[1] though the ‘hanks’ of silk can be halved or quartered.

60", 4 strands, 3 ends (total 12) perle cotton, approx 8 weight. Completed sometime between 2010 and 2012?

Every once in a while, however, I tiptoe into multiple end territory, and this braid is one such experiment, with three ends per tama. As a result, it's much bumpier and softer than the usual 16 strand tama braids I make, even those made on a disk.


I didn't like the effect, and promptly went back to my old ways.

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[1]Think sewing thread weight.


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