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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Green, garnet & teal Rectangular Braid
Samples, More Samples...

Someday I guess I'll get around to making real stuff, but I happen to rather enjoy making samples; I don't have to worry about how ugly the thing is, or badly braided (almost all my braids are bad by Japanese standards); and sometimes I even find uses for my samples. Most of them served as rod wrap ties for a while, before I went to storing much of my glass in milk crates. Some have been converted into stocking hangers. Something will come up...

Meanwhile I had some bits of wool left over from some project or other, and fiddled around making this braid. I rather like the colors, though the addition of yarns 2/3 down its length makes for an unsightly gloob in the middle.

Ah well. I can definitely say, at least, that this one is indeed Mitake.

Wool, silk