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Twisted diamonds Revisited,
or let's do this right...

So for years at the bottom of my kumi book review page the layout for the twisted diamond pattern for the bumblebee necklace kumi was:


Which I knew was kind of a mistake...but when someone emailed me from Australia, plainitively enquiring why it didn't work, I decided that really, it was time and past to fix this. Fortunately, I'd made some efforts in this direction at some point in the past, because I found a paper pattern traced from Jacqui Carey's Creative Kumihimo in which I'd colored in the pattern:

layout of keiruko no himo colored with ‘twisted diamond’ pattern.

Much more convenient than my old notes, made crudely on the back of an envelope, without the benefit of the numbers. I'm not particularly mathematically inclined, so without the benefit of Carey's numbering, it's not altogether a surprise that I goofed. —Someday, I'd like to learn how to make my own numbered patterns, the way Carey does.

In the meantime, one of the very small silver linings in our current work situation is that the wizard is likely to be available when I come trotting by with requests such as ‘could you please scan this?’ and thus, I get a very timely turnaround. I believe the correct pattern for black diamonds on a yellow ground is


and if you wanted yellow diamonds in a black ground, it should be


So the old pattern I laid out was half and half of each, which, surprise, doesn't work. Now, I think I've got it right (and yes, I do actually look it up on the website to figure it out, [which of course was how I cottoned onto my screwup in the first place]).

Ah, virtue. Of course, there are all those other web pages that need to be cleaned up...not to mention closeups of the actual braid we're discussing here.

scan, file created 12nov08.


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