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Autumn Mask
Fun with glue guns & silk flowers

My bead bud Frances made this very sweet Halloween mask, featuring autumn colors. My contribution was the silk flowers (which I mostly use for giftwrapping) and some glue. She did everything else. Not certain, but I'm guessing she might have modified some of the flower colors.

Mask. Lace, silk flowers, glue, yarn. Frances Ross, Oct 2013.

I liked it so much I asked permission to photograph & post it. I shot it at such an angle that the yarn didn't show, which is good, but doesn't show the decorations, especially the leaves to the right, to their best advantage.

Ah well.

UPDATE: so, after telling Frances about this post, she explained that, yes, she actually made the mask, shaping it to her face, using wheat paste, paper, and then glue (forget what kind, but guessing something in the aliphatic/white glue family). She painted the red color using acrylic paint, then adhered the lace with Aileen's tacky glue. She did indeed also color some of the flowers, using India ink (iirc); and then dried the whole business in the oven. Alas, she turned the oven to broil instead of off, with some predictable results, which she characterized as ‘crispy’. However, it all came together wonderfully, and the cooked bits, I'm guessing will provide some extra juicy narrative as well:)

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