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2013 heart challenge cont.
more hearts from the exchange

Aaaaand the parade of heart shaped beads continues. As you've probably deduced, the allowed colors were

  • red
  • white
  • pink
  • black

There was some argument about the black iirc, but some people simply couldn't face the saccharine combo of pink/white/red, so we added black & told people they could use any or all of the colors. I did insist the beads be designer sized, so they could potentially be made into a bracelet; also to encourage folks to make smaller, simpler ‘designer’ beads.

Hearts by... Kim M.

Patsy L.

Cyndy G.

Cyndy G. (Note similarity with the first photo—same frit, obviously;)

Karyl G.

Vanessa Morse

??? —This person may have forgotten to include a name with their beads:) At any rate, no docs, sorry.[1]

[1]If they're yours, please lemme know, so's I can credit you!