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and ends, rescued

Sheryl requested


I have a fondness for odd. If I had a theme for this project, it would be to find a home for a cast-off a home for a cast-off or an experimental. Anything “odd” would be very appreciated and thank you.

Sheryl's bracelet, photographed 21apr12. Silver and glass

I responded with

23 aug—

took u @ yr word & rescued some ‘little bitties’ in blues & greens to match nearby beads. These are solid stripes, enjoy

The charm is actually tipped on its side: the u-shaped bail is hiding behind the top center bead, that is to say, the middle left one. (The three blue beads are the ‘top’ of the piece.)

Frankly, it's not one of my more successful efforts, but it certainly fits in with the ‘odd’ theme.

N.b. This has been sitting in my queue for over a decade, whoops. Finally posted in 2023...