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Eggs from 2000
It's a First Effort, Okay?

Pysanky, like many traditional crafts, have evolved a complex icongraphy. The notes that come with my kit note that “a triangle represents the Holy Trinity; a fir tree...health; reindeer...prosperity; never-ending lines or curliques...eternity” and so forth. The symbols can be combined to make a message: “One with never-ending lines, fir branches and reindeer would read: ‘I wish you a lifetime of prosperity and good health’.

My kit sat a good long while before I used it, in part because I was daunted by the patterns that came with the kit. Then I saw some modern pysanky in brown, black and cream with rather amerindian style designs, and at that point realized, duh. I can draw whatever I want. (I'm kind of dense, sometimes. Well, a lot of the time.)

So I drew “doodles”, abstract curlicues, hearts and dots that I've done at least since high school, and which one college professor raised to a high art—ever since then I've never worried about the worth or lack thereof, and merely enjoyed making marks on paper. Or on eggs as the case may be.

Three eggs ready to have wax removed.

The eggs were dyed half and half, one side with the warm color sequence (red) and the other with cool. They've been flipped so the red shows. Note how much lighter the color is.

I love the colors in this but no longer recall how I achieved ’em. Ah well, serendipity is what makes art fun, right?