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2006 Pysanky, or
Wax Gone Wild

Okay, so I like alliteration. It's not a crime, so far as I know. (I happen to like hard boiled eggs as well, and that, judging from some comments I've heard and read very nearly borders on one: it seems people are perfectly willing to admit to enjoying the pretty colors but heaven forfend they actually like to eat the contents. But a lot of these same folks seem to think peeps are real food, too, the very thought of which I find mystifying. As a form of pop art, peeps lend themselves to some wonderful social commentary and lovely patterned based photography, but as a calorie source? Blech. And I can't stand cotton candy either, so there.)

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Circle pattern pysanky . Originally posted 16apr06 16apr2006


CurliQ pattern pysanky . Originally posted 18apr06 18apr2006


Triangle pattern pysanky . Originally posted 17apr06 17apr2006