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Lot 2
features yellow and blue

Today's pair includes an effort to using a minimalist approach to recreate my very most favourite egg...from yes, now twenty years ago, but the green and purple colour scheme from yesterday. If I had just been a touch more careful with dyed stained fingertips, it might have come out really well; dye transfer from sloppy technique was the bane of this round.

Sony ILCE-7c, sony 90mm macro, f/4.5, ISO 50, 1/160 s, godox 6000 & matching trigger set to 1/4 power; cropped but otherwise an out of the box .jpg Dyed with grocery store tablets 18apr, photographed 19apr22.

Because the designs were so few, I simply scraped the wax off with my nails.

I owe f2tE's friend X for this next sequence, for though I had speculated as early as 2009 that yellow might work over blue, this is the first time I tried it, copying X's protocols. Besides being an interesting effect, it also represents Ukraine's national colours.

Same setup as above.

By this time I had switched from the stickier beeswax to ordinary white candle wax, which, when poured (because the wick kept drowning, so I had to pour off the excess anyway) usually failed to stick; this is the one egg where it didn't. For which I was happy, because I was getting tired and frustrated, and lacked the energy to decorate the egg with a stylus dipped in melted wax.[1]

[1]We worked outside, and somewhat lower temps may —emphasize, may, here—been a contributing factor as to why the wax cooled so rapidly. Or mebbe it's time to invest in one of those fancier kistka (kistky? I know the singular of pysanky is pysanka...)


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