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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Basket 2 into 1
Or, sometimes restringing is good.

This piece came back because the owner was hoping I would fix it. After some ten years or so (or more) the tigertail, or more likely acculon (7 stranded cable) had broken.

photograph: 23jan04 directory: 28jan04

The repair was very straightforward, but .018 beadalon is a little thicker than the equivalent tigertail, so I had to scratch around to find some beads that would fit right around the back (where the strands join, at the nape of the neck—opposite the pendant.) Like all true 2into1s, the necklace is made with one piece of stringing material.

As luck would have it, I even had a few of the copper colored seed beads left over from the original job (I'm a terrible packrat when it comes to beads, which constantly wars with my need to tidy and “use things up”.) Aside from the dye on the basket having faded some, the piece looks good as new.

And I get a chance to record one of my older pieces. Soochow ‘jade’ (not on your life!), carnelian, peach moonstone, green aventurine, nephrite jade, rhyolite, low-grade silver, sterling silver, antique aluminum, glass. 16-3/4” (from back to front); accent: 2” high x 2”wide