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Multi-strand featuring red ``Antique CurliQ'' Focal
Or, Stringing in 2004

Once again I owe my partner Page the opportunity for making this necklace—she handed me the focal, proposed the basic concept and let me roam through her collections to make this delicate necklace based on a burgundy, black and silver color scheme, accented with touches of bronze, pinks and violet-blues. It took about 4 hours to string, and is the first real stringing I've done in months—since last year, most probably. What a joy to return to this wonderful way of working with beads.

So I started a similar necklace at home, using my own beads. Well...it'll get done someday. Even subtle suggestions by another person can be extraordinarily helpful for keeping a project on track.

garnet, black onyx, austrian and czech crystal, sterling and bali silver, 49 stranded .015 cable. Summer, 2004

Closeup, showing bead, which is probably 15–16mm hole to hole.

“Antique” curliQ beads are hollow beads trailed with the curvilinear designs I've drawn in doodles for decades; rolling the bead in pixie dust and then baking soda gives the old looking finish, reminiscent of Roman glass.

Closeup, showing fringe, strung in typical “small bead” (under 6mm) stringing sequences.

This piece was shot outside in dappled afternoon light, without a tripod, which is why the focus is a bit iffy. Coolpix 990.

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