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Frances Ross' instructions for glass bead bunny

Missed out on the guild meeting? Need to get your bunny challenge beads done? Frances to the rescue! Here's a scan of the instructions she passed out for the meeting:)

Instructions for making bunny. Copyright 2013 Frances Ross. Used by Permission.

If you would like to see a glass example of the third style in the instructions below, well, you're in luck:

Bunny rabbits. 2009

You can read more about the construction techniques in the original page. Because I am such a nice person, some updated notes, because I've changed how I do the eyes: I actually plunge #5 forceps (aka knotting tweezers) into the head, squashing the head dot. Pulling it back out again to make the nose, especially if there's a slight downward slant to the pull at the end (because the top of rabbit heads are somewhat curved) gives the shape shown, with less work.

Leaping bunnies. Assorted white glass, including some truly awful alabastro/opalino. March, 2013

And here's another variation (my planned contribution for the challenge, in fact:) —leaping bunnies. These add legs and omit eyes. I make the back end first before adding the head, since otherwise bits of the head crack and drop off while I'm futzing with the hind legs. And no, I'm not very good at the glob, let stiffen slightly and pull into the exact shape I want that the Italians do so well.

Nor was I ever able to find a good slomo youtube video, so I settled for freezing the frame on a bunch of rabbit leaping competition vids. Sometimes, ‘good enough’ just has to do.