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Sord & Sworcery, A Science Fiction & Fantasy APA
We Want You !

Founded by Marg Baskin and Heather Bruton, Sord&Sworcery is an old-fashioned print science fiction, fantasy and horror apa. It goes out 4x a year, with postmark deadlines of the Equinoxes and Solstices. Dues are about $16.50 for US postal customers, and more for international members. I like to think that our group is friendly, inclusive, covering a broad range of artistic and literary styles, ranging from poetry to old-fashioned serials to ‘stream-of-consciousness’; members working in visual media cover a similarly wide range of styles, everything from silverpoint to CGI.

We [no longer] have openings. If what you see here whets your interest, drop me a line—a link to my email address is at the bottom of this (and just about every other) page on this site.

With the current anniversary issue finally going to press, Sord&Sworcery has now passed its 16th anniversary, and still is going strong. —I served as the editor for about seven years, (99–06) but now Bonnie Reitz is taking over. I would be happy to forward any inquiries to her. S&S is defunct.[1]

Summer Solstice cover, featuring my cliche ridden character AP Nilect.

Among other things, this is the cover that convinced me I had to have a graphics tablet. The ‘fingerpaint’ tool (it's called smudge in Gimp) was great for getting the satiny look on the cape, but oh my wrist. In another ten years I suppose I'll actually learned enough tricks to make having my early xmas gift (wacom pressure sensitive is evidently the way to go—I got the smallest size, and am glad I did) worthwhile. By then it'll be long past the time to get a new one. And though the quality of the print job was substantially worse, at least we didn't go through three ink cartridges because color inkjet printers are another toy I wonder if I'll ever really learn how to use. On the upside, the image looks far better on the screen than I was ever able to get it to print.

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[1]Print apas such as this one were pretty much killed off by, firstly, fanfiction.net, itself now overtaken by the [much] better, & fan-run, AO3 (archive of our own).