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Sord & Sworcery
During the Sylvus Tarn Years...

I was editor of S&S from roughly summer99 to summer06 (as far as I can tell withouth actually cleaning up the alcove and finding all my old apas) —from at least issues 34 through, um, 61/62; Bonnie took over with Summer#63. This is the index page that covers (part of) that period. Below I document the joys of making the cover for the 2003 Fall Equinox cover. (Rather than changing the page, I'll just note that Helena and Phillip have dropped out.)

Wrap around cover: Mating Flight by Sylvus Tarn

Laser printers are bad enough, but el cheapo inkjet ones are worse. To print 11 covers, front and back, required two color ink cartridges and one black one. At $20 a pop, that's a lot of ink. My next printer will, of course, have individual ink resevoirs, but in the meantime, I think I need to balance my color usage a little more carefully. And if only the rotten things would still work when empty, I could do some weird things all in red, orange and yellow.

Oh well. (In fact, my next foray into color printing, a trib cover for 56 does just that.) Long time member Deb Brown has posted An Odan Myth for those of you who would like a taste of the fiction members write. See below for a gallery of prior apa covers, a little outdated because though Joel Keener sent them right when I asked, then it took me two years to post them! Fortunately, I don't usually procrastinate that horribly, and now that I've posted these, perhaps he'll send some recent goodies too:)

The thumbnail is a crop of this atmospheric cover for issue #50 by R. Wayt Smith. The smoothness of the water reminds me of camping trips along the Great Lakes, at dawn. Copyright R. Wayt Smith; all rights reserved.


A Helping Hand: Joel has a rather subversive sense of humor, as this Holiday 2002 cover for S&S49 shows:) Copyright Joel T. Keener. All rights reserved.


Another crop of a wrap-around cover by Joel Keener. The original for #48 features silverpoint, an entirely suitable medium for his interpretation of the ancient myth. Copyright Joel T. Keener; all rights reserved.


Interestingly enough, the title for #47 is The Curse of War the name of the file is “The Dogs of War”, which would seem to indicate some evolution since the file was named...another of Joel Keener's coloristically rich paintings. Copyright Joel T. Keener; all rights reserved.


Since the deadlines fall on the Solstices, Holiday covers are a natural, as #45, for December of 2001 shows. Copyright Joel T. Keener; all rights reserved.


Original artwork and cover design by Joel T. Keener, aka James T. Kirk: “To Boldly Go...” (Our resident pirate has a very sly sense of humor, as this ish illustrates.) The Millennium issue, for the Spring Equinox of 2001. Copyright Joel T. Keener. All rights reserved.


the old Apa page—but still good! Features some of Joel's earlier art, another link to Deb's story, and an earlier version of my advertising blurb. If it wasn't obvious from the copyright notices, Deb Brown and Joel Keener's works are not licensed under the creative commons license.


Many apa members have work on their own websites—Deb Brown paints and weaves, as well as writes; April Lee has a very large gallery of her work, which includes gaming cards, computer game art and other works; Helena Anderson shows her goddess inspired paintings; our newest member, Phillip Ellis, posts his poetry and nonfiction

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