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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Blue Stocking
2 generations back

This Christmas stocking was made by my great Aunt Henrietta, a sister of my grandmother. It is the second of two she made for my branch of the family. Aunt Henrietta was the family artist, making religious figurines: my mother treasures the Mary/Jesus/Joseph set she has, and I have an Infant of Prague in a pink robe that sits in the center of our mantel, a place of honor.

This stocking was probably made around 1962 or 1963.

I have no memories of this woman; my father took up architecture after he retired, and also made some very beautiful woodworked objects throughout his life—I have a very classicly styled walnut table he made in high school—but when I was growing up she was the only other person in my family I knew about as a visual artist.

So these pieces have always been very special to me, and the desire to connect has no doubt played a large part in my decision to make stockings, a tradition that now extends across four generations of women in my family. Specifically, since this stocking is blue, I made the spouse's (candy cane) stocking in pink, which is just my slightly off-kilter sense of humor in play. It is my hope one of my children or sib's children will continue the tradition of making stockings!