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Silver edged lime ribbon
livens up a traditional colour scheme

A simple wrap job in a colour combo I love.[1] And why yes, I love this wallpaper that serves as the background. As of 2017 (when I made this post) it's out of production, but though I was never able to document its exact provenance, any that looked at all like it dated circa 1895; I presume the manufacturer periodically digs the plates out of storage and puts it out again.

I actually prefer this first, mostly out-of-focus shot better.

paper, ribbon, beads

But here's one with a bit more depth of field so's you can see what's going on better.

Same wrap job, with more focus.

Originally (accidentally) created 2017-11-19T20:21:17

[1]Recently I shot a bunch of hoarfrost that had very much the same texture as the silver edging. Pretty neat.


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