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Silver foil paper with ornaments
with fuchsia, emerald & turquoise accents

This luxurious silver foil paper with a charming design of ornaments in rich jewel tones suggested some variations on the usual green, red and white combo: the green stayed, but the fuchsia subbed for red and blue provided a nice transition in this triad of jewel tones:

from E620/2011/20111220

The little vintage ornaments were a gift from my dear friend Page, for whom these colours are (with, perhaps the addition of purple) a platonic ideal.

Here's another version, with red this time:) and some vintage ornaments.

The mylar yard spinners someone gave us as a sort of gag gift lasted a surprisingly long time, and it certainly matched the colour scheme of these perfectly, besides providing me an opportunity to play, a bit, with blur.

Both together, with spinner.

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