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2013 giftwrap:
blue and gold, redux again

Last night I dutifully wrapped a gift for my bestie. The gift itself is my very favorite kind: part handmade, in a color scheme I know she'll like; and part bought for a nominal sum[1] but in a beloved color, a beautiful shape, and made in a country to which she has traveled, and has an emotional connection: the manufacturer is one of long history and high repute.

E-620 with the lensbaby sweet35. Medium apeture.

There is perhaps nothing more wonderful than finding a gift that represents perfect fit, as I hope this one will...well, except that we have a very long history, and many shared jokes. I have been doing the gift decorating thing for awhile; and years ago, inspired, she wrapped an absolutely gorgeous gift for me.

This shot was underexposed, so I played with it in gimp a bit. Cropped also

I have recycled that frabjous ribbon ever since. Last time, I added the metallic blue snowflake; this time, the gold bell. —That is how I originally envisioned this whole gift decorating thing—a process, in which I added, edited (note the lemon curling paper is gone) and passed on.

[1]And I do mean nominal: two bits!


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