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Pink Parrot Mouse
wretched photography & image editing...

Having gone to the trouble to mash the images together, I might as well feature the subject of them, a pink parrot bead made into a dead mouse.[1]

two views of pink bird keychain charm. 7.5" long, bird measures 47mm from head to tailtip.

The bead is strung on stainless wire, with a joint for the tail to reduce stress (since this is often the point at which the beadalon fails.) The metal beads are base metal, pewter, silverplate and the like. The parrot is a fairly standard abstract (frit and powder) bead; the tassel strands also feature some lampworked beads, most notably some of CiM's translucent colours.

[1]And having gone to all that work, back in Nov of 2013 to make this silly page, well, I may as well feature it.