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Pink and Gold Giftwrap
Gold, reiterated.

So, a little while back I featured a gold and blue gift.

The gold wrapping—which doesn't lose its color the way mylar does when dried hot glue is pulled off it, so perhaps it's something else—readily shed its decorations, so, since it was lying around,[1] I reused it, with new, spring-themed decorations, this being a gift for someone born the second day of spring.

silk flowers, beads, ribbons, raffia

I never would have guessed I could mix shiny gold and tan raffia, but the silk flowers provided the proper bridging mechanism.

Closeup. Miracle of miracles, the focal point of the design (the pink carnation) and the focus aligned. It helped, of course, in that there are actually several focal points,[2] but still... Snark aside, I felt this lens was a good choice, given the romantic subject matter (soft-pink flowers.)

Alas, the object inside is utterly pragmatic, in complete contrast to either the florals or the gold. —Which is my sense of humor, I guess.

[1]From another recent giftwrapping job, which obviously was returned to me;)

[2]I was aiming for the rosebud just to the left, as I recall.


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