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Miniature flowers:
pink and white on lace

This is quite a small piece, the box being perhaps 3–4" (75–100mm) long. It's also not technically ‘giftwrapped’, since I just used the box's exterior white colour for the base of the design, which was built upon the stretchy white lace tied around the box.

Giftwrap, 2018. Though this photo is (mis)dated 31dec2008, others in the directory were dated 5mar2018, giving an approximate creation date. Silk & plastic flowers, curling ribbon, plastic beads, synthetic lace—part of a curtain tie-back, I think. The red thread caught in the flowers is a ‘mistake’.

I hadn't actually realized the wrapping could be preserved, and its first recipient, who enjoys the pleasure of ripping paper, removed the contents so carefully that I was easily able to reuse the wrapping, merely by easing the stretchy lace back into place.

A second view: shot with the lensbaby on translucent white plexi with some level of flash fill.

Which I did, and the as the second recipient lives in New Jersey, it actually found a new home:) I like the lighting on this second photo better, and there's no thread dangling off the flowers, but I think the composition works better in the first—not surprising as I clearly failed to design for any but that view.

I was happy with it anyway.


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