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Robot with Antennas!
fun with the paper

As the title gently implies with its enthusiasm, this is actually the first in this series, despite being posted second.[1]

2.25 x 4.24 x 5.75" (box only); silver metallic pipe cleaners, valentine mylar wrapped wire, curling ribbon, plastic beads, wire edged ribbons, wrapping paper, hot glue. Jan 2021

The paper, featuring happy cheerful robots with a retro flair,[2] immediately spoke to the idea of old-fashion tv antennas, suggested by some silver pipe cleaners laying on the table—see, this is why artists sometimes really benefit from messy spaces, because the random quality of stuff crap laying around can spark unexpected ideas.

[1]By the way, this was the giftwrap for this bracelet.

[2]Page chose this paper for the computer nerds in her life, one of which, of course was the wizard;)