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Forgotten Giftwrap
2018 gift finally finds its recipient...

So while I was digging around in the basement to wrap various other gifts I found a usefully sized box...that already had a gift in it. From f2tY to a cousin. In 2018. (In my handwriting, which means a) I was supposed to wrap it & b) I was responsible for losing it.)

mylar covered wire, wire edged ribbon, curling ribbon, silver pipe cleaners, bows, mini-gift, silver star, wrapping paper.

Ooooooh, bad sylvus!

Slightly different view. This seems to be the year of the pine themed wrapping paper:) Both images were edited in gimp

The wrapping paper is from Page, and it has beautiful, and very subtle, silver accents, as well as tiny touches of red, that was I was attempting to reference in my choice of colours. —Page also kindly offered to deliver it, only a couple of years late...


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