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Autumn Gift
Elegant Japanese Inspiration

If I ever finish it, the first embroidered piece worked in traditional Japanese embroidery techniques will feature cherry blossoms and a pine tree. The second project in the series, as I recall, features a fan, another extremely common image in Japanese iconography. Thus this gift, with paper that has a very similar feel to traditional Japanese arts of many kinds—lacquerware and embroidery immediately spring to mind—and a fan as part of its vertical elements, can truly said to be inspired by the wonderful art of that country in not one but two ways.

Note the small gold ornament. (Why? I don't know...) The ribbon wrapping the paper is a complex fabric weave which sat for quite awhile, until I came across this paper that perfectly matched it in color scheme.

Materials and tools: ribbon, bows, paper, ornament. Glue gun, scissors, tape.


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