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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Patriotic Tulle
Silver stars on red white and blue

So we had all these beads to wrap. After disguising them a bit with white tissue paper, f2tE cut out squares of some pale silvery blue fabric and star-spangled red-white and blue tulle (using my wavy-edged rotary cutter for a bit more pizzaz) and then wrapped them with some co-ordinating wire-edged ribbon—easy, quick, attractive (and removable if need be for customs).

Using red, white and blue (and silver!) printed tulle and co-ordinating wire-edged ribbon.

One of my better schemes if I do say so myself:)

Closeup. This was for the first lot of patriotic beads, from 2011.

Another shot, this time using artsy diagonal composition.