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Patriotic Abstracts, Redux
The red-white-and-blue rides again

I just love making these.

Frit, powder, trailing. Abstract hollows, some chiming. The small very dark blue is blue goldstone frit.

This time around, I was a bit more careful, and didn't use striking transparent orange by mistake. However, I was dismayed to discover I had no opaque red frit. Also, still on the hunt for that wonderful coarse powder Cindi B gave me—she told me she thought she got it at a Jeri Warhaftig class, for using white and metals (i.e. copper leaf) to get those beautiful blues.

I note that Frantz is selling frits in lots of colors I don't remember being available last time I looked (probably 10 years ago.) Hmm....

UPDATE: Approximately $169 (plus shipping) later, I should have some fun new variations on this theme to play with, once all those new frits I've ordered arrive. Guess I'd better participate in Bead&Button. Or something.


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