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Ribbon to the rescue
quick and easy bags

These are a little more involved than the first incarnation. f2tY just wasn't that enthused with the tulle (besides which there was no cool co-ordinating ribbon to be had.) Nevertheless there were all these beads to be wrapped.

Wire-edged ribbon gift bags

What to do? Well, f2tY carefully cut up the ribbon, using the diagonal stripes as a guide, then used gold thread to sew up the side, around the wire; and tied the result with assorted gold cording, narrow ribbon, etc. I think they look pretty nice.

After spending hours doing this, then ze forgot to pack them! However, ze also needed pj's (and a care package of choco chip cookies made by hir Japanese sib, still here:), so they provided a handy excuse.[1]

[1]Not to mention giving me an opportunity to photograph ’em...


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