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2008 hearts:
winged and not

This sub-index collects the 2008 (and beyond)[1] heart bead posts. Turns out a lot of people like ’em, so I've been making them. And I do think these side drill winged hearts are cool. They're one of the very few examples of beads where the real thing basically came out just like the concept.[2]

3 experimental winged heart beads. Czech vintage garnet and tourmaline pink glasses. April 08. The heart part of the bead measures roughly 15mm across.

The other notable thing about these beads is that I'm pretty sure I made them on the minor, while torching with somebody else—probably Cindi. Yes, I'm trying to get all my friends to torch with me, while the weather's nice. I've really enjoy working with other folks!

file created 14may08.


Though these beads were made earlier, this is the first post about them specifically . Originally posted 28jan09. 28jan2009


Page makes cute necklaces with hearts, orangey red version. 13feb2020


Page's luscious cherry red heart pendant necklace 10feb2020


Not just winged hearts, but flaming winged hearts. Originally posted 7jun08. 07jun2008


Assorted red winged hearts . Originally posted 02jun08. 02jun2008


Pink pixie winged hearts. . Originally posted 31may08. 31may2008


Winged hearts done in the abstract style. Originally posted 28may08. 28may2008


2008 was the year of the winged heart. 08feb2016


Blue winged hearts for Margaret. Originally posted 21may08. 21may2008


Top ``drilled'' hearts in check glass tourmaline pink. Originally posted 25jan08 29feb2008


More little top-drill hearts . Originally posted 23jan08. 23jan2008


I experiment with top ``drilled'' hearts . Originally posted 22jan08 22jan2008


Fuchsia hearts 11feb2020


[1]Nah, I'ma make another index for that. Ha!

[2]2016 update: Unfortunately, the wings, even the ones that curved around the hole, tended to make the beads top-heavy, no matter how much I ‘drooped’ the heart bead; so I abandoned the concept before getting it work properly.


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