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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Floral Howtos
Some disjointed & unrelated posts to making flower beads...

How to make a pink and amber lampshade beads, with lots of pix. 21jan2020


Yet another round of attempting to do the perfect transparent/opaque striped cane—opaque in the center, trans at the edges. With stripes. 29apr2013


Collects the floral howto bead pages. Mostly floral cane recipes, with a twist dot floral tut. Compare to the index page collecting stringer recipes...lotta overlap. 01jun2005


Three recipes for ribbed floral cane 28may2005


Not entirely successful pointy petal practice created 21may, posted 22may05 22may2005


If you like dots & want to do florals, this will get you started (09jan04) 22may2004