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How to String, or
Rambling thoughts about Beadwork

The reason I've never bothered with an explicit howto page for beadwork other than making glass beads is that I really only have one post worthy of the name. The rest are merely ruminations on my working methods, which probably aren't going to be of much interest to beginners because there's so little step-by-step, nor to advanced beadworkers because they'll've long since worked out their own philosophical ideas.

However, it's extremely embarressing to have to rootle around in your own site to find your own posts, and after an email inquiring about my methods, I decided to collect all the posts together that could be said to have as a major thrust technique and/or design. So here they are, in all their (in)glory.


Collects together the tassel necklace pages. Oh, and updates the pink satake tassel necklace page, which was a mess. 10apr2014


Purple and green plant hanger, a week long project. 25mar2014


plant hanger picture tut, part III


plant hanger how to post, part II


Part I of a tut that collects a bunch of process photos for a bead-strung plant hanger.


Cobalt 3 hole floral pixie pressed lentil is the focal for a tassel necklace with strong color banding. 02apr2014


Index page to the most popular item on my site—with tuts, samples, commissions, and the 2.0 version. Enjoy. 18oct2006


Unfinished carpet of flowers . file created 21aug04, featured 21may05. 18oct2006


More playing with pis ; early 90s? (posted 14aug04) 15aug2004


This post, about the restringing job of a garnet necklace, has actual, useful tips . 22may2004


an index page for 2–>1 necklaces, with a text explanation of design parameters & tips (not a full howto) for making your own. 22may2004


This post is in two parts : one, an (unillustrated, sorry) set of directions for basic knotting; and two, how to attach a clasp using bead tips. Why do those two get concatenated? Well, because unless I'm knotting, I never use bead tips and thread to string. 22may2004


This collection of tips and tricks dates back a decade and more, back when I mostly strung stone beads. Very dated, but perhaps some good nuggets here and there. 22may2004


file created 03dec05


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