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2013 Lentil Pendant
features lampwork, metal, & textile techniques

This bead was one of those happy accidents. I was playing with

  1. lentil press
  2. white frit
  3. silver plum shards
  4. gray-green thompson enamel
  5. floral trailing

floral trailed hollow lentil-pressed bead. Frit, powder, shards, and artist made cane. The 4ply cord is wound (on a bradshaw), not braided. 2013

I know that I used the gray-green TE because I had a lot of it so it was fairly high and thus, easier to get on the bead. I was experimenting with various white frits because I was attempting to find the perfect animal fur (some mystery frit slightly coarser than granulated sugar or salt, that Cindi B gave me, and couldn't remember where she got it...) I just had a lot of the plum shards lying around. (Silver plum makes fabulous shards, by the way: you get iridescent effects.) I'm sure the orange and pink canes were some that were “okay” but not thrilling, so I was using them up to practice on the bead.

2017 edits: added date & info about cord in image description.

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