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Portland Gathering Bead Trades
A fine catch...

I've talked a little bit about my trip to Portland, OR, elsewhere; late last year I finally got around to photographing my trades and just now, making them into a web page. I love trading, but didn't get much of a chance to, this year—but I certainly was thrilled with my beautiful new acquisitions.

Soda lime, approximately 1” high. Jennifer Abusamra.


Anne Stanley of Casco Bay Beads and I took a class from Lisa St. Martin in Alexandria; I'm not certain why the middle portion of this elegant Japanese-inspired bead is out of focus—maybe clear casing frustrated the camera's autofocus? At any rate, the pic doesn't do it justice.


Barrels and silver leaf or foil seemed to be the order of the day, here—we all traded together. Gecko Moon's Roxanne Taylor and I first encountered each other at Boulder, when it rained. And rained. And rained.


This beautiful barrel was perfectly capable of standing on its own, like the others, but I had an easier time lighting it in this position. Margo Knight


Ah, length and elegance pushed to the max. This slender bead, showing how beautifully red glass and reduced silver go together, is by Nita van Til of Drum Cat beads.


Arrgh. I try and I try and I try. Not only did I forget to photograph the maker's name, I seem to have now lost the bead as well as the documentation. Sigh. If this is your bead, please let me know, so I can credit it for you!