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Egg from 2001
Well, sometimes Progress is Backwards

I don't feel this year's batch was nearly as successful as last year's. I'm perfectly willing to blame this on the dye, rather than any failings on my part, though I'm not certain how fair that is. However, I don't recall the dye rubbing off in great patches last year. Dissolving in the boiling water...yes. But peeling?

One might wonder, Why Bother? I probably spent most of an afternoon decorating 4 eggs. Part of it, of course, was Doing Something With the Kids, and Fond Memories of Easter Egg Dying from My Childhood. And there's no question that I like doing all sorts of crafty things.

The following egg, in yellow, green, blue and purple, was really the only one I felt was especially successful.

Note dye rubbed off in lower left hand area.

Three views of one egg. Note many patches where dye has peeled. Even so the colors are nice. The spots of lighter color are caused by beads of condensation popping through the dye.

Updated summary 13sep15. N.b.: the largest resolution is 500 pixels.