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Why Bother?
Warning: Religious Overtones....

So, why would an agnostic make easter eggs, besides family tradition? There's another reason: Easter is, (or should be) the most important holiday of the Christian calendar, but like Christmas, it has strong secular associations in this country as well. Christians certainly acknowledge (though they can scarcely be blamed for not emphasizing) the pagan remnants of Spring Equinox celebrations which Easter replaced, of which eggs and bunnies—both fertility symbols—are but two examples.

I'm neither Christian (nor Pagan, for that matter) but I do indeed appreciate the return of Spring. I live in a climate that is cloudy for much of the winter, and appreciate very much the sunshine and flowers and longer days. Because the APA deadlines fall on the solstices and equinoxes, I make note of them; and because eggs come of a tradition that celebrates the return of spring, I feel I can wholeheartedly participate in that aspect of it without compromising my own beliefs.

I note, with a certain amount of amusement, in my instructions for traditional designs, that included with the 7 kinds of crosses symbolizing Christianity, also included are 7 sun symbols (good fortune) and that the 8 pointed star represents the sun god Atar (sunshine). In addition to reindeer (prosperity), we have wealth (horse), fertility and fulfillment of wishes (hens and roosters), not exactly the precepts Jesus emphasized in his teachings. Christ is represented by a fish; fir trees, as previously mentioned symbolize health and flowers happiness. Amen to that. A little more joy, tolerance and love would do no-one any harm.