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Eggs from 2002

2002 marks the third year I've made edible wax resist eggs using the traditional pysanky tool and beeswax. I also discovered why my instructions specify beeswax rather than some other kind of wax, and also why room temperature eggs are to be preferred. I note in the instruction section that cold eggs cause condensation and spotting, an effect I happen to like.

Despite my best intentions I tend to run behind with celebrations, and we didn't actually start coloring eggs till Monday, the day after Easter. (For my money—or spirituality, if you prefer—eggs, chicks, bunnies, and gifts have more to do with the eminently sensible Pagan celebration of the Equinox, which meant I was nearly a week, rather than a day behind. But it seems as if we've gotten more snow after March 22; so much for welcoming Spring!) But I was impatient to start, and began applying wax as soon as the still-hot eggs dried. I quickly discovered why hot eggs are not a good idea: the wax smears and spreads. Of course, this has potential for certain effects—it just wasn't the effect I wanted right then!

Below are links to pages showing multiple views of 2 eggs for 2002, one in warm colors, the other in cool colors.

UPDATE, 13sep15: This page is now obsolete, but I'm leaving the link live to prevent rot. Click on the ‘pysanky’ tag below to see all the posts on this topic. They'll show up in the order created, so the 2002 pages are near the bottom (or over a page or two—there's 6 posts/page.)