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Hot pink
Serendipitious Mistakes

8 oz yogurt cups are about as perfect a container for dissolving dye as I can imagine, but the 1 qt containers are cheaper to buy, which meant I put dye in some small bowls I usually use for cleaning beads. The orange dye was dissolved in the dark brown bowl, which I mistook for yellow.

Thus I was only able to do a three color sequence: orange, red, and purple. The orange not only looks school pencil yellow in the photo, it's that color on the egg.

The color seemed to behave better with only three, instead of the typical 4, dipping sequences, without so much peeling; though once again we used cold water dissolving tablets, this brand (paas) appeared to work a little better. I suspect the warm colors are more resistant to peeling as well. If I didn't soak each color for substantially more than the 3 minutes recommended, that would probably help as well.

The other goof came from applying wax to a warm egg, which creates a very smeary effect, as previously noted.


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